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Here are sample of work that features songs recorded and produced at WhiteWater,
many of which have also been filmed in our studio.




Oh Honey

"Be Okay" Official Video


Pierre Ardene

Abraço de Mãe


Check Out Some of the Songs and Videos Recorded at WhiteWater


Check out songs we have recorded and produced:



Hassan Hakmoun

"Unity 2014"



Oh Honey

"I Love You Will Still Sound the Same" Official Video




D.B. Rielly

"I Got A Mind"









The Kin

"America" Official Video










Commercial Reel - Original Works



The Cast of "Glee"

Performs "Be Okay"








The Kin

"Get On It" Official Video





Oh Honey

"Don't You Worry, Love"









Oh Honey

"Lonely Neighbor" Official Video




Hannah Gill &

The Hours - "Austin"









Chris Leamy

"The Start"









Mitchy Collins, Nas, Jennifer Lopez, David Bowie, Shaggy, MIA, Denis Lipari, The Kin, Hannah Gill, Chick Correa, Natasha Bedingfield

"Be Okay"

"Nestea Commercial" - Europe




Hannah Gill &

The Hours - "Change In Blue"









Natasha Bedingfield

"Let Go" Official Video


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